Saturday, February 21, 2009

Craft Lab: Paint Chip Wreath

I saw this on another blog and had to make one. I ran over to the local big box hardware store and took a bunch of paint chips. Lot's of blues, greys, and greens. I recycled some Styrofoam from the trash, cut of a round form. Then I gathered about 6 different colors, and cut them in half. I then began to staple. I made three rows, each over-laping to hide the staples. The last row was hot glued. I like it, but the middle is a little wonky. I'm going to make a couple more this weekend with my friends, I'll post what they came up with. Here's a video tutorial from Handmade Detroit. The cost of this craft is almost nothing, staples and hot glue. The rest was free.

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