Thursday, March 13, 2008

Craft Lab: decoupaged eggs ala Martha

I was browsing through Martha's spring workshop online, when I saw she was making decoupaged eggs. I was so excited I had to try them out. I haven't had luck lately blowing out the eggs from the shells, so I didn't even attempt it. I went to Michael's and purchased 10 wooden eggs. I also purchased a couple of packs of her scrapbook paper, they were on sale. I followed the directions, and here they are. Later, we will be adding some glitter, because of course they didn't come out perfect. My almost 5 year old did this craft with me, but she didn't like the Mod Podge all over her hands and gave up after the 1st one. But this was a fun mess, I really enjoyed making my imperfect eggs. Click on header for the link to Martha's directions.

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