Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Craft Lab: Recycled Baskets

Are you looking for a fun springtime craft for the preschool set? I saved some fruit and yogurt containers the other day to make this cute little craft. I bought some sticky foam sheets, the sheets have an adhesive backing. You can cut up the sheets and make custom stickers. For this craft we marked the back of the sheets of foam to the length of the side of the containers. Then the kids cut the pieces of foam, unpeeled the sticky back and applied them to the containers. Next, the kids decorated the baskets. with foam stickers. To make the handle the kids twisted the pipe cleaners around each other, I helped them punch a hole on the sides of the basket, we then pulled the pipe cleaners through the holes and made a spiral or snail on the ends. Next fill with grass and add an egg or something.

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