Wednesday, April 9, 2008

April Birthday Fun

Five years ago this month, my 1st little one arrived 5 1/2 weeks early. After 17 days long days, she was finally came home from the hospital and started her life with us. She was a angel baby from the start, and is such a beautiful child now.
This week I'm preparing for her Princess Tea party. While trying not to spend too much, or go overboard, I'm making most everything myself, trying to keep it simple and fun. We're going to build a princess castle out of sugar cubes for a craft and we're making streamer kites out of crepe paper and chopsticks. We're having a dress-up parade, as the invitees are coming in costume. Then the tea party, all fancy with real tea cups and tea. I'm making the cupcakes and scones from scratch (thank you Martha Stewart, for so much culinary inspiration.) So this week is dedicated to lots of homemade goodness for my little princess.
I was a busy girl when the kids went to school yesterday. I actually whipped out 2 of these.
I've made banners before using circles (I hand cut all the circles, cause circle cutter and I do not get a long well). These were so much easier. I used my rotary cutter, self healing mat and a metal edged ruler to cut. I used double sided tape to attach the papers together, then hot glued the cardboard letters to the paper. I used an ice pick to punch the right size holes for the silver cord. And voila, I was done (in like 3 hours). This was fun and I'd like to make them and sell them in my etsy store.

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glitterstar said...

The banner looks great! Happy birthday to your little one. :)