Sunday, April 6, 2008

Craft Lab: decoupaged table

This week will be dedicated to my daughters Princess Tea Party next weekend. Here's my latest project. This table was lovingly dug out of the trash by a friend of mine. It's very cottage/shabby chic. Since I've been work exclusively with paper when I decoupage, I really wanted to try fabric out. I selected this one because it looks nice in the family room and if we keep it, it will be nice in our almost done garage. I've only put one coat of the Mod Podge on, so it has a ruff finish to it. Today I will add a couple more layers of glue to the top. The fabric was a nice change from the paper. It's easier to smooth out the bubbles.

So the little princesses now have a pretty table to have a tea party on...I hope they like it!


lorigami said...

I love what you're doing with this table. I've got an old one that the base broke on in a move, and you may have just given me inspiration on what to do with it! thank you!

Monica said...

I'm jealous that you found that table in the trash! I've been looking for one EXACTLY like that. Great job on the decoupage.