Monday, April 7, 2008

Party Planning- Pom Poms

Here I go ironing again. All my tissue was very wrinkled. This is a great project to do with all the extra tissue you have stored.
After I accordian folded the sheets, I used a pipe cleaner on the center to hold it together.

Aren't they pretty? My Mobile was empty, now it's a-blooming.

I learned how to make these from Martha Stewart a couple of years ago. They make a big impact and very affordable, hey mine are recycled.

Here's Martha's directions:

Hanging Pom-Poms1. Stack eight 20-by-30-inch sheets of tissue. Make 1 1/2-inch wide accordion folds, creasing with each fold.
2. Fold an 18-inch piece of floral wire in half, and slip over center of folded tissue; twist. With scissors, trim ends of tissue into rounded or pointy shapes.
3. Separate layers, pulling away from center one at a time.
4. Tie a length of monofilament to floral wire for hanging.

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