Thursday, May 15, 2008

Craft Lab: Hanging Mobile

My love of crafting has me thinking up new ideas of what to make all the time. I love mobiles, one day while organizing my stuff I found an embroidery hoop I purchased that only came with one of the pieces. So that got me started on this newest idea of mine. I started by hand cutting all these paper pieces, glued them together with wire, them glittered them. I wired the paper pieces to the the wooden embroidery ring, then wrapped with my favorite color of grosgrain ribbon. This is my prototype. It's going to take some practice, a lot of trail and error to get it right. The next one I will use a die-cut machine to cut out the pieces, that will save me 2 hours of cutting. I want the wire pieces to be free to move around, so on the next one I have to figure out how to do that. I also think this one could use a little more sparkle. So the next one will have more glitter. It's funny, over 15 years ago I was making jewelry with wire and I loved to manipulate it. This craft combines o lot of different interest of mine. Stay tune for the next one.

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