Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Craft Lab: Table 4 procastination over

Sometimes I don't really understand things. For instance, I started working on this table so long ago I can't remember when I got it. I finally started to work on it and it broke amidst the garage redo. When I reglued the thing, it was more wobbly than it was before it broke. I realized I needed to buy some bigger wood clamps, but that's not exactly in the budget, so my kind brother in-law let me borrow the clamps, then they sat in my car for 2 weeks, then they sat in the garage for a week. At a party last week he asked me if I was done with them (Oops). Well, today I knocked out all the legs and sanded off the extra glue, and reglued them this morning. Why does it take me so long to complete these simple tasks? I've thought about doing this almost everyday, but something was holding me back. No looking back now. Once the glue dries, I'll add some more paint, then the fabric section can begin. My goal is to have the first coat of mod podge on by Friday. Can I do it? You bet I can! These little tables are my best selling items in my store. I'd like to have an assembly line going by the the end of the month. Ok, that might be a little ambitious. Stay tuned!

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