Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Craft Lab: Shoe Box Redo

Kindergarten is a lot of work. It took me a few weeks to get into the routine. We have homework every week. This week was to decorate a shoe box for all my daughters take home books she'll be making during the year. It's a special box that she will be able to pick out a book every night and read it to us. I actually can't wait for that. So, over the weekend I was lucky enough to go to my favorite craft store Tall Mouse (it's a little far way, so it's a little treat for me to spend a few hours there). I found a great pad of paper that I knew my daughter would love, hot pinks, yellow, super cute with lots of nature. So we stole a shoe box from dad's closet and in no time we had designed the cutest box. I did the cutting and gluing, she picked the paper and let me know where they should go. It turned out super cute and coordinated nicely in the playroom.

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