Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The one and only Sunflower

Along the side of our house is a short retaining wall with a few feet of dirt between it and the driveway. About 4 years ago I planted a bunch of sunflowers in there. It grew to be a dense forest of tall stalks, a nature wall of yellow heads following the sun throughout the days. To my dismay, not mine, but my husbands, the stalks were very think and hard to pull out. So I was banned from planting them again. Well, the next October I planted a bunch of sweet peas, in that same spot. The messiness of the crazy vines really seemed to bother him too. I loved the sweet peas, the smell is overwhelmingly beautiful. I have bouquet in every room of the house. I give them out to whomever wants them. I'm in love. So, did I mention I was banned from planting anymore sweet peas. Well, life works in mysterious ways, and my sweet peas come back every year and I don't do anything. The seeds pop out and reseed. So, this year I was a bad girl and went and bought some sunflower seeds. I wanted the kids to see them grow everyday. Who can argue with that, it's science. Well, here's the only seed that's sprouted as of today. It's 4" tall. The other things around it are sweet peas and weeds. I'm going to plant more sweet peas this year, because I let them turn brown on the vines and all the hundreds and hundreds of seeds fell into the dirt. Oh well!

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