Saturday, October 11, 2008

We're Dog Sitting

Our neighbor stopped by the other day and asked if we would feed their little doggy for the weekend. "Of course, we'd love to" I said. The kids were super excited, we've never had a pet, so this is a big deal. So, I went over to feed the dog with the kiddies in tow. Jackson,the dog, would have nothing to do with us. He was super scared and shaking, no tail wagging at all. So I did my duty and fed him dinner, tried to walk him, "no way" Jackson said. I have to admit I gave up, this little doggy was freaked and I didn't want to frighten him anymore, so we scooted out. My husband who never one to give up, went back and some how got the dog to warm up. They took the dog for a walk and he even hung out in our back yard for a while. By the end, Jackson loved us. Completely night and day. He was running in the grass and looked like he belonged with us.

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