Friday, November 14, 2008

My long time Crush Jake Ryan

Last night, I faced a great dilemma. I was all caught up on my DVR shows. I forgot to pick up the book I put on hold at the library, so I had nothing to read. I felt no creative spark to craft. I for sure did not want to get on the computer. So, I scrolled through the movies on TV and saw that Sixteen Candles was on. I hadn't seen it since the 80's. It was great,I cried and laughed. Whatever happened to Jake Ryan or the actor Michael Shoeffling? Well, I had to find out before I went to bed, so I grabbed the laptop and googled him. Turns out, he acted until 1990, then retired to be a furniture maker. I've always thought this to be a sexy sort of job. Maybe it was Aiden from Sex and the City, the cutest pretend furniture maker ever. Now, I have so many questions. Like, what kind of furniture does he make? Does he make custom work for designers? Could I commission him to make me something? Then I remembered I don't work as a designer anymore and all these are all just silly ideas of a girl who still thinks Jake Ryan is hotter then ever.

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