Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Craft Lab: Tube Holiday Wreath

Last December, this recycle project was featured in ReadyMade Magazine. I saved up all year for the supplies, and I finally got it made this week. Here's the steps on how to make this wreath.
1. cut cardboard tubing into varying 1-2" lengths
2. Spray paint the pieces in side and out
3. place cut pieces around a bowl or lid to create the desired circle pattern.
4. Hot glue the pieces together

Super easy and almost free, I had everything I needed.

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LucĂ­a P.M. said...

Hi! I'm proposing a Handmade Christmas to the readers of my blog, and I've decided to feature your tutorial on my Christmas Wreaths Roundup. You can check it here if you want:

I've found it really original!