Thursday, January 15, 2009

Craft Lab: Be Mine

For some reason, I keep finding myself at Target this week. I'm a total sucker for the dollar bin in the front of the store. It's a great place to buy little things to give to the kids as gifts for holidays. I found this sign for $2.50 the other day. The coral color and blue glitter were not to my taste, so I tweaked it a bit. First, I sanded the surface to remove the glitter and rough up the paint so the new paint I was adding would stick. Then, I painted each letters front and back a different color. Next up, the glitter. I glittered each letter's face. I was short a color so I just mixed 3 of the glitters together to make a new one and voila I was done. So quick and easy. Not bad for $2.50.


Nancy said...

Just dropped by to say hi, saw your blog through the Etsy Blogger Randomizer -- cute Valentine's sign.

janie @ mommy has a blog... said...

Oh. my. word. I am totally in love with this and all it's bling! wow!

Too funny about target, I posted my obsession with its dollar bins today :)

Found your blog tonight through one pretty thing and I love it!