Tuesday, February 3, 2009

my to do list

  1. get dressed, to take E to school
  2. drop by parents to pick up fryer, for egg roll project in Daisy scouts today
  3. Trader Joe's-we're out of juice, kefir, bananas, balance bars
  4. take back the flat sheet, and get the fitted one from target
  5. clean house for Daisy Meeting-vacuum, straighten up playroom, laundry
  6. watch last 2 episodes of Dexter
  7. try not to be annoyed at the construction crew jack hammering in front of my house today
  8. figure out quote for an Etsy customer
  9. Go to school to watch E get an award in her Kindergarten assembly!

I can do this...I must just stay focused and start early. Happy day to you all!!!!

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