Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Craft Lab: Needlefelting the Owl Ball

I had such a relaxed, mellow week camping at the beach for Spring Break. Our kids were so well behaved, the weather was nice, and the crafting fun! I brought along my new craft kits and got to work on them. I began this project in the Denver airport and finished it overlooking the beautiful San Diego coastline. Needlefelting is a time comsuming project, however, in my life I have lots of time. First, I made my ball. I made it small, so I'd have enough roving to make more creatures. After a lot of poking, I liked my little balls shape and added the tummy in a lighter grey. Next up, the Big owl eyes. Then the beek. The cool thing about working with the rovering, is if you don't like how the eyes turned out, you can take them right off. It took me a while to get the eyes and beek right. The Owl Ball is now a little toy for the kids. I may add a string and make it an ornament or it could even be a big bead for a necklace. Guess what girls and boys? I'm creating a needlefelting Craft Nite.
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