Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lady Bugs and the Heat Wave

Yesterday, it was so hot here I could not blog. I did manage to go for a run and almost passed out. On the run, I was swarmed by ladybugs. They are all over around here. On Sunday, the kids found hundreds of them hanging out at the beach. They were the cutest things ever (the ladybugs and the kids). The kids made a large mound of sand and put the ladybugs on top and they rolled down the hill. I thought they'ed crawl, but they seemed to like the roll down. I wanted to find a nice photo of these beautiful creatures, and ran across these on Flickr. How cute are these? I want to make some. Simple and elegant. Thankfully today is way cooler with a nice breeze.
photo credit: Cupcakes 'n Things

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