Thursday, May 28, 2009

Craft Lab: Photo Albums

I made these photo book for our moms for Mothers Day, and I completely forgot to post the story. I got the idea over at Plum Pudding, and changed it up a bit. The moms loved them.

First, I cut a 12 x 12 card stock into equal parts. Then, I folded these in half, I glued a photo on each side of the card stock. Next up, the cover. I cut up a cereal box to make 2 5x7 rectangles. I glued scrapbook paper to these pieces only on the outside. I left one side of the cereal box(the inside piece in the scrapbook) to remind everyone to reuse their trash. Then, to make the covers connect I glued a strip of paper along the books edge to bind them together, I left a 1/2 inch gap between the two cardboard pieces to make it fold in half. Then, I sewed the book's pages into the 1/2" gap down the middle. Finally, I glued a piece of grosgrain ribbon to the edge to cover up the stitches and give it a finished look.

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