Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Garden is done!!!

After longing to have an organic veggie garden for over a year now, I finally got it planted last week. We decided to start off in containers, because the soil around our house has been sprayed with pesticides and weed killers. Depending on how these do, maybe next year, we'll do a raised garden somewhere. So, I've been diligently watering everyday, and low and behold the seedlings have started to sprout. I transplanted the Daisy Scout garden and mixed the lettuces and carrots in with some of the new items. One of the containers was very large, so I decided to put some item pots on bottom before I added the dirt, and we had a little cave in. After the plants grow a bit I'll pull out the seedlings and add more dirt and then replant the seedlings again. I also planted two handing baskets, that add some much need life to the patio. Next up, I'm going to spray paint a chandelier my Grandpa made me many years ago and have never used it. It's was designed after a danish modern piece one of my professors had in his house in college. I'm off to water!


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

good for you! We are planting a lot of veggies this year (hubby's in charge of that), so we hope to have some home grown stuff too. Thanks for stopping by the party.

amybluestar said...

That's very cool! I have yet to plant. Some of those pots would look nice with some Outdoor Mod Podge!



Jadehollow said...

Good luck with the veggies! Love the hanging husk baskets.
Thanks for sharing.