Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yosemite 2009

Last Sunday, we made the trek to Yosemite National Park for a wonderful week of camping. The 7 hour drive to the park had it's moments, but nothing is better then the Valley in Yosemite. Our trip was just perfect. Nice weather for the most part, we did run into a little thunder, lightening and hail. But hey, we never get hail were we live, so it was like a ride at Disneyland. Our week was filled with so much natural beauty. We traveled the valley on our bikes everyday. Visiting Mirror Lake, Yosemite Falls, many beaches and meadows along the way. The kids loved to hike and climb on all the boulders. We saw a bear, lots of deer, a raccoon, a lizard or two, woodpeckers, horses, tons of butterflies, ravens, hawks, Stellar Jays, squirrels, worms, beetles, large ants and small and dogs. The water was flowing in all the rivers, creeks and streams. The week was completely stress free, the kids were so well behaved. I even started and finished reading Twilight. If perfection is attainable, we experienced it last week!!!

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