Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Fall Cure: Week One

I'm loving the Fall Cure. My homework for this week was to remove one item from our home. So after many years, and many different locations in the house, my honey's record collection is officially on it's way out. I've thought about keeping them for a craft nite project, but they're out of here. Then, when the kids were at school, I cleaned out the playroom. These kids have lots of toys and will never miss the items that are now at the Goodwill. Our home is small, 1195 square feet to be exact. The way it's laid out, the furniture placement is pretty set in stone. As a designer, that's hard. I like to move furniture around and rearrange things, but it just doesn't work here. So, I moved our TV cabinet from the angle position it's been in for 7 years, to flat against the wall. It took a day to get used to it, but I like it. So far, I've deep cleaned the living room, playroom and our bedroom. The dust bunnies are gone. It's feels so great. I'm half way through my cleaning and will pick up again tomorrow with the purging and cleaning. It's exhausting, but so worth it!

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