Monday, October 5, 2009

I won tickets to Pearl Jam!!

Back in July, Pearl Jam tickets went on sale. Unfortunately, I worked a boutique and couldn't get them. However, a couple weeks prior, The Sound 100.3 fm radio station ran a commercial to log on line and become a Sound Board Member. They said that you could win tickets to this concert. Of course, I figured it was a one in a million chance until I got the phone call. I WON! I was in a bit of shock and was shaking for like 45 minutes after the call. What a Night! Ben Harper opened up for them and he rocked it! They were the best seats my husband and I had ever had to see Pearl Jam. Normally, we have the nose bleeds. We danced, danced and danced some more, singing along, and rockin' the whole time. Eddie kept saying how much he loved the crowd and that we had great energy. He apparently likes red wine too. It was definately worth not getting enough sleep and having a sore neck the next day! I love my life!

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