Friday, November 27, 2009

Oh My: Boobs

Here's a story about my boobies. My sister-in-law made us appointments to get fitted for new bras at the world famous, and family run Intimacy in San Diego. I was excited and so curious to find out how off my bra size was. I was pleasantly surprised to find out this establishment did not use a measuring tape to figure out my bust size. They use a Holistic approach, a look and see kind of approach. So first thing, my personal consultant, came in with a 32 DDD. OMG, was that ever the wrong size. It was tight and my boobies were up to my chin and all the loose skin on me was sticking out all over the bra. Alas, she started bringing in some other sizes and a less granny style, I was finally comfortable.
Things I learned: 1) I went from a 36 c to a 34 D. 2) the back strap on my cheap Target bras ride up my back way too high. A back strap should be equal to or lower then the wire in the front. This will eliminate back fat. 3) You really need to wiggle yourself into your bra cups. Pull your boobs up and over to the center of the bra. On a lace bra your nipples should align along the front seam. 4) You should be able to always see the underwire part of the bra. Your boobs are not supported correctly if you can't see the wire on the bottom. I have worn my bras way too loose. Now, my tatas are high and happy. 5) these fancy bras are frickin' expensive. I chose 2 bra's, a sport bra and a pretty lace one. The consultant informed me next time I come in I will be a 32 EEE. Say What? I couldn't stand the tightness of the 32 size, but she thinks by my next visit I'll be used to the feeling of the correct bra size. I kinda think this whole new holistic approach is a scam to make you buy way over priced bras in funny sizes, but I'll keep and open mind.

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Silver Sisters said...

You know what, though? It's nearly impossible to find a 32 DDD or bigger in anything but an very expensive bra store. I've tried. It sucks knowing your correct size.