Thursday, December 31, 2009

What will 2010 bring?

  • My new Ikea kitchen
  • lots of travels-mexico, nyc, hawaii,
  • cooking more
  • saving more $$$ for new kitchen- to do this I'm not buying anything except food and essentials-I'm going used for other things or free
  • plan and host more craft nites -needle felting first up, painting party
  • a flat stomach (seriouly this year)
  • use up lots more crafting supplies
  • find my Saarerin table locally-via google alert
  • love even more-easy one!!!
  • eat less meat-I cut pork out in 2009 (ok I had a little) but this year bye, bye beef
  • drink less wine-i'm working on that tummy and those extra calories are not worth it.
  • finish our bedroom-paint, paper, art work
  • grow a successful garden- this year sucked
  • get rid of more stuff-can this be done?

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