Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Dish: Blueberry Blackberry Pie

We had a play date Monday with our neighbors. I love these mommies and their kids. They lift me up. We always have so much fun, the kids all get along too. I whipped up this pie for them to enjoy. I got the recipe here. I got all the ingredient at Trader Joes. I even used a premade crust. Shocking I know, but so much easier and no clean up of the huge food processor required. It turned out great, but was a little soupy. I used frozen fruit and just mixed it all up frozen. My baking always comes out a little funky, but no one seams to care.

Thank You my dear friends for a wonderful rainy morning with us!

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Down and Out Chic said...

blackberry pie might just be my favorite dessert. this looks so yummy!