Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Oh My: We love FARRELL's yes we do!!!

After Christmas, the behavior of our 6 year went a little haywire. With the threat of Santa gone, she went wild. So, I started the marble system. For every good thing the kids did, they earned marbles for the marble jar. When the jar was full, they would earn a trip to Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor. Farrell's was around when we were kids. I used to have my birthday parties there, and have fond memories of hot dogs and the ZOO. So, back in November, a new Farrell's opened in Orange County and I really wanted to go. With the jar full and and belly's empty, we trekked 30 miles down the freeway on a Saturday to celebrate everyone's great behavior. Sadly, when we arrived we found everyone else wanted Farrell's that day and the line to be seated was over 2 hours long. So we convinced the kids we couldn't wait that long and got in the car and left. We were so bummed. As soon as I could fit it in the schedule, we went back a month later. Let's just say it was worth the wait. The new Farrell's was fabulous. I loved how the new decor mimicked the old one right down to the red flocked wall paper on the walls. The staff was friendly and very attentive. Oh, the ice cream was great too. Since I'm on Weight Watchers, I studied the menu for the most low point item. I was happy to find they would substitute any ice cream for a sugar free ice cream. I went a bit over on my points (10 points over)that day, but it could have been way worse and I had Farrell's. Any trip to Farrell's would not be complete with out a trip to the candy shop, this was the kids favorite part!

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Rachelh said...

How did I miss that Farrell's was back?!? I am SO taking our 8 year old there this weekend! Sounds like we need to plan ahead though! Thank goodness they kept the same type of decor. I'd miss the straw hats.