Friday, May 21, 2010

Our School Mascot

I just recently agreed to take over the rundown vegetable garden at my kids school. The garden is part of the campus beautification committee, which includes more then just the veggie garden (you know who else is on that committee? just me for now). I was informed at the PTA meeting I'd be incharge of keeping our mascot looking good. This is our school Mascot the Dolphin. Last week, he was all overgrown and had some major creazy weeds going on. I was going to come over on the weekend to trim the dolphin and pull the weeds. I was pleasently surprised to arrive at school and find out the school gardeners went to town on the space (weeding and trimming done). A little miracle for me, way less work. Now for some plants. I went over to the local wholesale nursery and picked up some plants that could tolerate low water. This weekend the whole family came over and planted the new plants. It looks so much better.

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