Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Craft Lab: a new look to the dining room chairs

There's nothing like throwing a little party to get me motivated to get some projects done. We first reuphostered these vintage chairs, over 10 years ago in our little apartment. I purchased the brown and black fabric for $2 a yard, it matched our rug. Styles have since changed around here, hense a new Amy Butler fabric was added a few years back. Funny thing is, I only got to two of the chairs and left the other 2 in the first fabric. Why? I have no idea. Maybe it was the two little ones running around. Anyways, I purchased a new fabric from Amy Butler online, sight unseen a while back to use for the chairs and hated it. So Sunday, I decided to use it anyways. It took me a good hour to get them done. I just cut, ironed, and stabled the new fabric onto the old foam. It felt so good to finally do this. The new fabric isn't that bad, and it works great with all the other colors around here.

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