Monday, July 12, 2010

Leo Carrilo State Beach

We went camping with our fabulous neighbors
a few weeks back and had a great time
We had 4 families all on one site and things went great.
Here are the highlights:

wild flowers everywhere
hiking with the girls
who needs the sun?
hard to see the big bugs flying
the rockand doliphins
windy days=trash on the beach
full moons make great camping trips
Mice at the campfire talk
Vintage Bocce ball
sand craps
Bad Ass Mom
the most awesome MURAL

the trail head
our camp spot from above
cool plants that look like caterpillars
suessian plants
beauty at every turn
the force was with us

we hiked to
the pond
we ate our lunch
and had a nice bottle of red up here at the top looking out at the Pacific

a prairie too
crazy spider webs
We live simple lives and try to spend as much time as we can camping and enjoying the beauty that surrounds us. It was a pleasure to camp with some of my favorite people and enjoy it all with them.


Anonymous said...

Cute photos and comments Gaby! I especially liked the mural and caterpillar plant photos ;) Joanne

Anonymous said...

Cute photos and comments! I especially like the mural and caterpillar plant photos ;)