Monday, July 5, 2010

Our Dream Jamaica Getaway

Couples San Souci- beach view
I see naked people
the boys sailing
bad ass ice sculpture
Dining al fresco under the sunset
blurry butterfly on the shrimp plants
we called these rainbow lizards
orchids were everywhere
the path the grotto
let's hang out
the balloon bar
mineral spa
best pool: mineral pool
me-climbing the steps again
more beauties
the grounds were manicured and maintained very nicely
the color of the resort-blue of course
we made friends with this duck
everywhere was green and lush
playing with my new camera was fun

a cool place to land day or night

the turtles
the pond
me helping Francine make some fresh cucumber juice
I was pleasantly surpried to find they had a fresh juice bar-carrots, beets, cucumber and any smoothie you could think
a nice break from the all you can drink alcohol and food
day time at the mineral pool-hot, hot, hot
this butterfly loved Tiff
I was a bit jealous-
Mid workout, the Honey paddled by
We had the most amazing time celebrating my husbands BIG 40!! Jamaica was so beautiful. The butterflies flying across the island really made my trip. Some days, all you could see was butterflies, thousands and thousands of them. The week away was relaxing and fun. Here are some highlights.

I highly recommend this resort. Couple San Souci

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