Wednesday, July 28, 2010

San Elijo State Beach

We just spent a week at my favorite camping spot
San Elijo State Beach in San Diego
There are some many reasons to love this place

Our week in photos

these beauties bloom in summer, they divide up the campsites
Here's a really bad shot of the one of the sting rays we watched from the bridge everyday
the sun only appeared 2 times on our vacation-here's some blue sky on our last evening

this gopher snake hissed and bit my son on his finger, my son has some weird animal thing where they don't like him much
Worth a trip just to eat here at Bull Taco. I just saw they were written up in Sunset Magazine.

It used to be great if we ate at Los Olas once, but now we go twice in a week. They have really good food and margaritas
we just walk over from the campground
crazy squirrels are everywhere
the only sunset
the mess I deal with
bubbles in the beach
another must: Pipes Cafe.....yummyshore birds lounging
the cliffs
I run down the beach and stare at this beautiful place
big beautiful brilliant bugs
crafting on the beach
gloomy but nice
Beer lovers all know about Pizza Port
The have lots of micro beers and super good pizza
We took the city bus into Solana Beach, it just happened to be opening day at Del Mar Race Track and everyone got off the train to eat in town before the races.
The ladies and gents were all dressed up in hats and fancy clothes,
it was fun to watch all the people having a great time!

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