Saturday, August 14, 2010

Craft Lab: How to make a Dry Earse Board

Since we decided to split the kids into separate rooms early on this summer, I've been busy reorganizing the house and coming up with a design plan that wouldn't break the bank. The daughter requested a dry erase board so she can play school in her room. I saw a post about turning a frame into a dry erase board and went on a hunt for a frame I could convert over on the cheap.

Here's my 3 dollar purchase from a yard sale
it's the perfect size for my project
wow- the lady at the yard sale spent 24 dollar on this piece.

First up: take apart art. I removed the backing and the art itself
After I cleaned the frame, I sprayed the whole frame a lovely shade of blue

Here's the final project:
Here's my version of the dry erase board. Super easy. To a get the white back ground, I used a large white poster board. It fit perfectly, I didn't even have to trim it. I slipped the old art right back into the the frame. The dry erase markers work great on the glass.

This will be part of my daughters room makeover. I still have a few more projects to work on for the space and can't wait to share with you.

Cost of this project:
frame: $3
paint: around $5
poster board: $4

I had all the supplies on hand do this, so it really only cost about $5.

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