Saturday, August 28, 2010

The School Garden: count down has begun

We decided to forgo our last camping trip of the summer and do a staycation and work on getting the garden ready for school to start. One of my best freinds is a talented landscape artitect, she partnered with me on the design of the garden. I was so grateful to have all her expertise and advise. We spent hours on making it just right for the kids.

Last week I presented our plan to the PTA for funding. Guess what? they loved it!!!

Here's the design

Now we're in the construction phase:
  1. Dig trenches (done)
  2. Lay pipe (done)
  3. cut and build raised beds
  4. install irrigation
  5. fill beds with soil

this was us yesterday heading over to work
the bike trailer is packed with everything to get us and the kiddies through a couple of hours work time

I'm not sure I could have done any of this without this guy!!! He is my other partner on the project. He's as committed as I am, and we make a great team.
Here's what the garden looks like today
empty and ready for the beds to be built this week
here's the wood sitting on our driveway-we went big for a modern look
today I'm in charge of drilling holes(wish me luck)!
We have about 12 days left before school starts

I've never taken on a project like this before. We broke everything down step by step. The daunting task of the project diminished as we have finished each step. Everyone's been so generous and giving too. Our soil and irrigation have all been donated. People's generosity is remarkable. During this construction phase, I'm also going to working on the curriculum and growing plans for the year. This new adventure is exciting!!!!

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