Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Craft Lab: Shrinky Dink People

My daughter has been asking me everyday this summer to make Shrinky Dinks.
After my super duper organizing early this summer,
I have lost my Shrinky Dinks somewhere in my craft supplies.
I can't find them anywhere.
My mom asked me to help her make a bracelet for her friend
so she picked up a new pack(I'll save this project for another post)
First, we got everything out to cut the shapes.
I tried to use my Martha Stewart circle cutter,
but the plastic paper keep sliding around,
so I got out the Sizzix machine and had sucess.
The kiddies decided they wanted to cut out little people.
Here are the people and their clothes cut out and colored with permanent markers.
Aren't they cute?
I baked all the pieces separately, bodies, clothes, shoes etc.
Then, we layered the pieces on top of each other,
and placed them back in the toaster oven at a higher temperature for 20 more minutes.
This technique is classed fusing.
It basically just melts the layers of plastic together.
Align CenterHere are the final Shrinky Dink people.
The edges are all rounded and the appear a little puffy.
They look like little cartoon people.

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