Friday, November 5, 2010

Craft Lab: Classroom Recycled Art Project

I used the Sizzix die cut machine to cut out 25 large and small flowers using felt I had on hand.

I swung by Ikea and got this shadow bow frame for 19.99
I cut up this box into 25 3" squares. I used the big paper cutter at the kids school.

Here's a pile of stuff I'm prepping for the classroom
In the classroom, getting ready for the kiddies to paint.
It was hot, so our painted sqaures dried fast.
All the kids painted their cardboard. Then they selected the felt pieces and a vintage button and glued the flower together. Later, I glued the flowers onto the cardboard and mounted them on a piece of white poster board. I used a pencil to insure they were all spaced the same between each other to make the grid pattern.

Here's the almost completed project. I still need to make a sign for the bottom corner with the class info and date. This project will be auctioned off at our school Grandparents and Special Friends day in a few weeks.


Silver Pennies said...

I LOVE this idea! We have a big fundraiser at our school every April and the kids need a class project to auction off.... this is it!!! Thanks so much for sharing... :) mercedes

Maggie said...

this is absolutely incredible!! I might try to do something similar with my Pre-K classroom (it's so perfect, right now we're learning about recylcing old materials into something new)...Thanks for sharing the idea, the final product is so beautiful.