Friday, December 31, 2010

Oh My: Christmas Vacation

We've did a staycation this year for our two weeks off of school. A few day trips here and there between the rainy days.

We decided to head to one our favorite local places to go for a much needed hike. We drove 45 minutes to get there only to find Caspers was closed. All the rains have made the trails too muddy. Then, we decided to head to the beach for a picnic. Gees, the traffic in South county is terrible.

We finally made it to the beautiful Strand Beach in Dana Point. I have mixed feeling about this place. You see a developer has gone and planned a huge luxury community on the beach here. They are building huge 10 million dollar homes on this pristine land, right on the sand. The developer says they are saving some of the natural landscape by making 5 parks on the site, and the paths to the beach are really nice. But I vote for nature, and think it's terrible that they took much of it away to build this highend community.

So we spent a lovely day at the beach. At the very end of our day, after we climbed the stairs back to the car, we discovered their was a Funicular (an elevator thing) at the North end of the a parking lot to take people down to the beach. So, we jumped right in for a slow ride down to the beach again. After we got out, we raced back up the stairs to see if we could beat the thing back up. We did and it was FUN.

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