Monday, January 17, 2011

Craft 52 week 2: zigzag earrings

Week 2
Glittered Zigzag Earrings

Here's a fun way to decorate a pair of earrings I picked up at the dollar store. I used painters tape to make the zigzag pattern. I just cut strips and got the desired look. After, I was done (2 hours later), I sprayed spray mount adhesive all over the earrings. Next, I sprinkled glitter over the earring. Next, I shook off the glitter. Then, I peeled the tape off and let the earring cure for a day. I touched up a few areas where I accidentally scrapped the glitter off when i peeled off the tape, then sprayed them with some clear spray paint to set the glitter permanently.


~Kori~ said...


Debbie said...

Those are really cute... gave me a few ideas to try! Thanks for sharing!!!

vjl said...

Very cool idea! And I like your iPad case. :)


Fancy Lads said...

Holy crap, those are amazing!