Monday, January 31, 2011

Craft 52 week 4: Glittered Reupholstered Counter Stools

Craft 52
Week 4
Glittered Reupholstered Counter Stools

the Before
Here are our bomb proof counter stools from Charleston Forge. Homemade here in the great USA. These stools are super heavy and will not easily fall over. They are well made and one of the best things we've ever bought new for our home. I reupholstered these stool 6 years ago in this pretty black and gray oil cloth. The oil cloth is starting to rip and wear on the edges so I've been searching for a new fabric. I found a metallic glitter vinyl fabric at my local fabric store last week.

First, I unscrewed the seats from the stools.
Then, I ripped the old oilcloth fabric off.
This task has pretty easy, I had to use a some pliers to get a few out, but for the most part this was fun.
Next, I used the old cover to measure and cut the new vinyl fabric. I made sure I had a lot of salvage so when I pulled the new fabric and stapled, I had something to grab a hold of. I've done this before and came up short and it was difficult.

That's Chewy the dog we've been dog sitting all week.
These stool are the primary seats of my two kids. They eat every meal here and they needed a deep cleaning. I scrubbed all the food off them.

Now for the fun part. I even got an arm workout on this part. Staple, staple, and staple some more. You basically just staple one side and rotate to the direct opposite side, pull tight and staple that side. I ended up having to staple about an inch apart all the way around. This was the most diffecult part, because I pulled the vinyl very tight to have a professional finished look.
Here's a close up of the staple job. This shot also shows off the glittery vinyl I picked out. I had to get this the moment I saw it at the fabric store. It looks great with all the metallic finishes around here.... And if you read my blog, you'll know I LOVE glitter.
This is the finished staple job.
The work area in the middle of the living room floor.
Next, I trimmed the fabric with sewing scissors. I left about an inch from the staples.
The new and the old.
the After
I'm so loving Craft 52. It's nice to be under a time table every week in order to publish my weekly craft projects. Next, week more glitter...this time for valentines day.

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