Thursday, January 27, 2011

The School Garden: The crop that never was ;(

The School Gardens Winter session just didn't make it. We planted too late, experienced a really cold winter and had a lot of rain. It's a bit heart breaking, that after all out hard work we got one little parsnip. Ya, one people!

Our one parsnip

Only one in eight square foot patches planted by each class grew something, and when we tested the growth, they just had leaves and no veggies underneath.
Hey look, the hay is growing! Too bad nothing else is.
Here's one that growing upward, we need to aerate the soil and make it lighter before we plant again in the next few weeks.
I hope they don't fire me from my post as the Garden Mom!

Actually, this is all part of the learning curve and I'm hopeful our spring planting will be a success!

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