Monday, February 14, 2011

Craft 52 week 6: Valentine Hearts Redo

Craft 52:
week 6

Valentine Hearts Redo
I picked up these hearts at a local thrift store for $.50 each.  I knew I could work my magic on them.

For some reason I left them on the sisal, and made a mess.  Next time I will unstring the hearts to glitter them, it will much easier.


Hanging on the mantle.

Wow, that's a lot of glittered stuff on the mantle.

I glittered these trio of hearts and restrung them on some silver wiry tinsel ribbon.  The other set did not turn out well and I have to redo them.  I should always follow my instincts and stick to what I know and not take advise from people who clearly do not know how to glitter.  You see I tried to use spray mount to adhere the glitter, and it just didn't work.    Now I have to redo the other set.  I'll save those for next year. 

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