Thursday, April 28, 2011

Craft 52 week 15: 3D Butterfly Art

Craft 52
week 15
3D Butterfly Art

When people ask how I am and what have I been up too, I say stuff like, "well to today I cut out 100's of little butterflies."
A couple of weeks ago I started this project and had no idea how it would end up.  It takes a lot of time to do a project like this.  But it's my time and I'm lucky enough to have lots of time on my hands so I guess it's cool.  I get lost in stuff like this, it takes me to my happy place.

I got these canvas at Target in the $2 bins. 

I had the black paint out to touch up french doors, so I swiped some back paint on both.

Super quick and easy.

I had an idea to make these huge 3D butterflies that I spied on Martha Stewart a while back. I started to print out the templates and quickly ran out of ink. Bummer. I had a few good butterflies the printed out nicely.  After I cut out the butterflies,  I glued them onto to black card stock with spray mount.

Here I am sticking the butterfly into place on the card stock.

After they dried, I cut the butterflies out again.  This project required a  lot of cutting. 

I had picked up a couple sheets of scrapbook paper that were covered with butterflies, so I cut those up too.  Because the I had 2 sheets, now I had 2 of each butterfly.  This is how I get the 3D effect. 

I used foam dots to adhere the butterflies to the black canvas. 

Randomly, I placed the butterflies on the canvas.  To get the 3D effect, I just placed two on top of each other, using the foam dots in the center of the body.  Then , I bent the wings up on the top butterfly.

Here's the finished project.  A little whimsy to add to our lives. 

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Katherine said...

Wow...gorgeous! I love butterflies, such an amazing looking project. Thank you for sharing :) Just followed your blog!