Friday, April 1, 2011

Kitchen Update April

Wow, this whole saving for a new kitchen has taken a long time. We're almost there. If all goes well, by September we should be gutting the old space. At night before I go to sleep, I visualize myself taking a sledge hammer and banging out the old 1960's cabinet and horrible tile marble counter tops. Good thing I've been working out so much, cause those sledge hammers are heavy.

Since I've had a lot of time to plan this project, I've done alot of homework. I've learned that we're going custom. It's actually less expensive then installed from Home Depot. Custom is the only way to get the look and color I want at this point. I also think all this time we've been saving money has been a blessing, because I was going to go way more modern a year ago. Today, I'm planning on going with traditional white shaker style doors with a frameless cabinet.

Here's a design board I made.  It's my first ever so it's not that great, but you get the idea.  
Here's the design as it stands today. We added a pantry to the right of the stove and in this drawing it's too narrow, so that will change a little. The dining situation was a challenge and we ended up adding a built-in dining nook. We are so limited on space that this will be a great solution and add extra storage to boot. This is the back wall of the kitchen.  We're thinking of adding wallpaper to the dining nook area.  I'm not sure how I will ever make a decision on wallpaper.  The husband isn't that into, so a stencil design might be in order. 
Here's the kitchen minus the pantry.  I'm most excited about the island.  We're moving one wall to make a walk through from the kitchen to the living room.  This will open up the house and actually will give us room to add extra seating to the living room.  The space from the island to the dining table will be tight, but it's just as tight now and we're pretty used to it. 
This area of the kitchen will be way more efficient now.  The dish washer is right next to the sink.  Right now ours is in a terrible location, and you can't open a drawer next to it unless you open the dishwasher drawer.  I'll be happy when that's over!  I'm still up in the air about the backsplash.  It's either going to be a slab of Calcutta gold marble or white subway tiles on the walls.  This all depends on the budget.  This view also has the trash receptacle.  Ours is currently split between the kitchen and garage and It will be so nice to have everything in one space.

September seems far away, but in my world it's going to be just around the corner.  The kids will be out of school soon and summer will here and gone before we know it.  Then, September will be here and I'll be blogging about our uprooted life for a bit.  Uprooted, because our life happens in our kitchen. 

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vjl said...

I made this "drawing" after seeing your above view and remembering a situation a few years ago that went bad, but after I did it and uploaded it, I read how you can't open a drawer unless your dishwasher is open, so you may well be aware of this [and extra sensitive to it!]. But just in case not, this explains what I mean to say a lot easier than trying to type any more: