Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Two Bunch Palms

 The grandparents took the kids to Palm Dessert last weekend, so we took the opportunity to skip town too. 

We checked into Two Bunch Palms in Dessert Hot Springs. 

 Built in the 20's, this was one of Al Capones hang outs.  
The hotel featured both the Spanish architecture form the 20's, as well as 1950's modern.

Lot's of wild life roam the grounds. 

 Natural Mineral Hot springs criss cross through the property.
 We hung out in the natural mineral pools all day and night.  We were completely relaxed. 
 the pools
 They take the no talking above a whisper thing seriously.   
 the view
 Amazing stained glass. 
A baby turtle.

I'm loving spring time in the dessert.   The temperature this trip was perfect.  Not even hot yet!

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