Saturday, May 14, 2011

Craft 52 week 18: Green Wedge Redo

My new green wedges from Payless.

I decided to deconstruct these a bit.

Oops-the shoe embellishment removal left a big sticky glue mark on the shoe.

I got out the ribbon bin.  It's so messy.
I took some photos of the trimmings on the shoes.  I would love some help in choosing a new look.  Which look do like the best?
1. satin turquoise and silver velvet ribbon

2. Chartreuse

3.  Turquoise satin

4.  Robin egg blue grosgrain

5. Triple silver velvet


6.  Glitter sequins

7. twine

This is my favorite look.
 Which look do you like?


Anonymous said...

The grosgrain pops.

A.N. Smith

Heather said...

Love the twine- goes with the heal!