Friday, May 20, 2011

Oh My: Cookie Cutters

I spilt my cup of coffee today and the coffee dripped everywhere in the kitchen.  It was dripping down into the inside the cabinet into the storage bins below.  So, I had to wash all the stuff inside the bins.  I pulled these cookie cutters out to wash them and realized I have way to many cookie cutters for the average person who doesn't make cookies very often.  That said, there is no way I could possibly part with any of them.  Many were gifts or family heirlooms.  Some were even made made by my grandfather whom I never got a chance to meet, so they are special.
Do you have any collections you can't part with?

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SbS said...

that's an impressive size collection! How about mounting the ones you don't use that much (esp antique ones) onto some matte board, and framing them? or if you want to be able to access them, you could cover a corkboard with some pretty fabric or paper, put in small hooks and then hang on them on there. I think it might make very kitchen-appropriate wall art.