Thursday, June 9, 2011

Yosemite June 2011

We just spent the most marvelous eight days in one of most beautiful places I've had the pleasure of seeing.
Yosemite National Park

We have been fortunate to have visited this national treasure almost every year for the past 6 years.  Every trip has it's own specialness to us.  This year we made it to Glacier point.  The park just opened the road the week we arrived, it was spectacular (my photos were not. Foggy, raining, cloudy day made for yucky pics). 
Here's our week in photos, enjoy!

Bridal Veil Falls.
  May is magical in the valley.
Our new hammock.  This is our camp spot.  Notice, do you see other campers?  Our spot was on the creek at the end of the campground, which meant, not a lot of people.  Just us and nature.  Sweet!
A bear, on the Mirror Lake trail.  I saw 3 bears all week.

We explored the Fen. 

Ferns.  I took this shot for my dad, he said when he was a kid he remembered lots of huge ferns.  Well Dad, we found lots of ferns still.  Yippee.
Me in my happy place.  The husband got this jacket for me for my birthday.  It was the perfect gift for this trip and my favorite color.  The funny thing is I wore it everyday, so in every picture I have it on. 
Fallen trees are soooo pretty.  Someday I want to live where stumps like this lay everywhere.
Proud Tree Hugger.
The Ahwanee for wine and snacks, of course.

The Dogwood Tree flowers are amazingly beautiful, the trees are sprinkled everywhere in the Valley.

Saw this on a tree outside the showers in Curry Village......we got one shower in 8 days.
Our meadow at sunset.
The rocks are even pretty.
The pine tree had little green tips, they appeared while we were there.
Here they are up close.
Little yellow flowers.

Fallen trees in meadows.. .....

Are fun to climb on.

I spent my birthday staring at Half Dome from this meadow at Mirror Lake.
Caterpillar friends.

Biking on our bear trail one night, we spied  hundreds of  these little creatures all over the pavement.
This picture is one of the last I took on our trip. As we rolled out of the valley, this was the view.  Simply Amazing!

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