Monday, September 12, 2011

My first try!

I truly believe that you can attract the things you want from life to yourself.  Kinda like The Secret.  Last year I was examining my life, and needed a little direction.  In my little Etsy shop, I've been to selling jewelry the best.  So, I decided I need to make more jewelry.  I've been making jewelry since high school and still have lots of supplies.  Plus, I have a large hoard of vintage costume jewelry.  So the idea was to make some cool new pieces using my old vintage stuff and making it into something new.  Well, life had another plan.  A dear friend gave me a very large collection of loose semi-precious stones.  Another dear friend offered to teach me a little metalsmithing.  Here, I am today showing you my first piece.  It's a simple bezel set large opal ring. Currently, I have such a long list of things I need to do before I clear off my workbench so I get back into making new pieces.   I'm excited to start a new hobby.  Maybe I'll make some money too!  

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