Monday, December 26, 2011

Craft 52 week 52: a decorative toilet seat

Craft 52
Week 52
Toilet Seat Art

It's been a great week!
I managed to stay on top of all my loose ends, with a huge list. As the week went along I kept adding to the list.  One last minute addition was to come up with a white elephant gift for a party on Friday night and I was at a loss. My husband headed over to Home Depot and brought me back a toilet seat to do something funny with it. I'm seriously not that funny. So I thought maybe a little sparkle on a toilet seat would be funny. Well, it was funny and kinda pretty too.  One of the party guests really loved it and we had tears being shed over this beauty. 
Here it is up close.

I used an old shirt we had in the Goodwill box and cut it to fit on the top of the seat cover.  I glued the shirt on with Mod Podge and let it dry.  Then, I added a row of pennies a long the edge for some added sparkle.  Next up, I glued on a bunch of butterflies cut from some scrapbooking paper.  It didn't quite look right, so I added two rows of green sequined ribbon to outline the pennies.  To give the toilet seat a lacquered look, I added a thick coat of Mod Podge the night before the party, and you can see from the photos that some of the glue still needed to dry clear. I'm so glad someone had such a nice reaction to my art.  The family that took home this beauty are planning on hanging it on the wall. 

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