Thursday, February 23, 2012

up to my eyeballs in glitter

I was just commissioned to make a another glittered croquet set for an upcoming wedding. It takes me hours to simply paint and glitter a vintage set. It is so worth the time when I see the finished project.
I decided to use Frog tape so my lines would be straight.  I'll do this from now on. 
I picked out these lovely colors all from Martha of course.
The kitchen table is the glitter station for round 2 of glittering.  I glittered and we all watched Star Wars episode 3.  I'm kinda a perfectionist and it takes me a long time to get all the straight lines. 

Yippee, I'm almost done.  Time to pack these up and ship them off.   

1 comment:

LindsB said...

What an awesome look for a wedding, I love all that glitter!