Monday, August 6, 2012

BIG trees

Summer is flying by. We only have 4 more weeks until the kids are back in school and life will be back to normal. We have been very busy this summer, making the most of it. Here are some photos of our trip to the Sequoia National Forest. We had such an amazing trip, here are some photo of the Muir Grove. The trees took my breath away. It felt special eating our lunch underneath these giant trees. We are diffidently going back to this beautiful place.
here's our camp spot,  amazing!

this is the first tree you see when you get to the grove, I almost cried, it was sooooo big!!

these trees are almost 2000 years old.

the perfect playground for hide and seek
my son and his walking stick.

it was quite peaceful in this place.

We tried the whole trip to get a good family shot for the Christmas card.  None of them came out.  But I sure have fun every time running thought the woods to get in the photo each time. 

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